Year of the Dyke: Introduction Time!

Hey there, reader and men and women across the queer spectrum! Welcome to my blog, Year of the Dyke. In this blog you will see me traveling to all sorts of places around my small town of North Carolina, including restaurants, nightclubs, and even the occasional music festival with my fellow butches and dykes, and you’ll be along for the ride!

Party time!

Party time!

You may also fall victim to my many rants, raves, quips, and pieces of advice scattered in between. I hope to have a blog that falls under anybody’s tastes and preferences, and maybe you’ll learn a lot about me along the way. I want to create a fun and safe environment for everybody to feel comfortable in and have fun commenting. Let’s get this show on the road!

PS, be on the lookout for the many pictures of my cats that I will post on here. It’s an addiction, but who could say no to this face??


Sideways kitten, anyone?

I hope you enjoy future posts from this blog, and if you do, feel free to subscribe so you can get updates by email for every new post. And who doesn’t want that?? You can also leave comments below with any questions, tips, or suggestions so I can further improve this blog.

Have a wonderful day, and stay gay, my friends (;

-Sara, aka The Dyke


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