A Small Thank-You To My Followers

Heya queers, dykes, butches, and all Earthlings across the LGBT spectrum. Dykey here, with a bit of a serious post. I just reached my 30th subscriber the other day, and once I got over my surprise, I thought it was only right to send out a bit of a thank you to all of those people that decided to stick with me from my very first post. 

When I started out with blogging, I would only post one a month on smaller websites, some of which had only twenty active bloggers. I would post once a month, when something really interesting happened to me, and usually kept pretty quiet and subtle at other times. When this technique didn’t draw out any views, I started to post once a week, then once every three days. My view count still dwindled at only one or two views, and I struggled to keep my posts interesting. After nearly six months and a view count of seven, I figured that I just wasn’t the blogging type, and took a break for a solid year.

While I was gone, I checked out a few of the blogs that I followed religiously, keeping with their blog updates in my bookmarks. One day, I became curious as to what website they were using to create such interesting and popular blogs. It certainly didn’t seem like the bland websites that I had been using. One swipe of the mouse later, and here I was on WordPress. I surfed through the community and various blog posts, my interest grew, and I took a leap of faith and created my own blog, Year of the Dyke.

Ever since my first post and introduction to the community, you guys have jumped on board and kept up with my every post. I can’t tell you how much my heart swelled when I looked at my blog stats and saw that I had nearly a hundred views. Two followers, ten followers, fifteen, twenty three, and finally thirty! I am so grateful to every one of you, and I appreciate your kind comments on my posts. It’s awesome that you all have found my posts fun and relatable, and I’m looking forward to continuing to post my thoughts, feelings, and the life that you, WordPress community, have clung to. 

Thank you for seeing me as an interesting person. My confidence has grown immensely since I’ve started blogging on WordPress, and it’s all thanks to you guys. 

I hope you have a wonderful day, and remember to stay gay (:

As always,

-Sara, aka The Dyke


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