A Dyke and Her Fruity Trees

Well, it looks like the fruit trees we planted five years ago finally decided to gift us with their bounty, mainly the apple trees. 

Here’s what I picked today:

My treasure trove of apples!

My treasure trove of apples!

Constant periods of too much rain and too dry of air harassed the trees to the point of nearly withering up and dying. The bugs that came with the dry weather and heat played a big part, as well. It took some nurturing and higher quality compost, and a lucky growing year, and those babies are doing better than ever.

We’re still on the fence about uprooting the plum trees, because they’re a little late to the party, but I’m happy enough about finally harnessing some apples! I wasn’t the one who made the purchase, but they appear to be some kind of hybrid of Red Delicious and Granny Smith. The apples are tart with a sour aftertaste, just as a Granny Smith should be, so what do I know? I’m no apple connoisseur.

Looks like this dyke has a green thumb after all. 




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