Struggling for Topics

Hello my dear and darling butches, dykes, lesbians, gays…Yeah, yeah, you know the rest. 

Anyway, it’s your pal Dykey, here, and I’m back just like I told you I would be. Yesterday was Friday, the start of the weekend. Unfortunately, that also means that today is Saturday, and I only have one/two days left with my amazing and terribly-missed girlfriend before she has to report back to her station and finish a good amount of her training in weaponry and shooting tactics, along with more detailed practices.



I told you guys that I would start blogging again when I had time, but all week I wasn’t able to brainstorm a single topic for a good post that was worth your time. There just hasn’t been enough going on that I can write a couple of paragraphs about, and that’s extremely frustrating to me. I’m used to pulling out my tablet and whipping out a post on the spot, and I haven’t been able to do that lately.

Hopefully I’ll come up with something soon; it feels a bit stupid to make a post about how I have nothing to post about! I don’t want to leave you all out in the cold, either, because all of you are awesome and take the time to like and comment on my previous posts. I don’t want to lose my curb appeal, seeing that I have a generous amount of followers that I don’t want to disappoint or bore to tears, but I gotta do what I gotta do, people.

Here’s a picture my dog under a blanket to tide you over:

Shyler just got her new weave shipped to the house

Shyler just got her new weave shipped to the house

So, beautiful people, I’ll have to bow out once more. Just until I find something to write about!

Stay gay and enjoy your day!

-Sara, aka The Dyke


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