The 70th Follower Mark

Hey there all you dykes, butches, queers, and LGBT alike! As you can tell from the title, I’ve reached my seventieth follower today–well, technically seventy-first, but same difference. You all have made such a positive impact on my blog with all of the likes and comments I’ve received from some really great people, and in such a short amount of time, too. It makes me extremely happy and motivated to know that my blog is reaching out to so many people, and that you’re sharing your own opinions on my topic matter, which just adds another level of community to my blogging. It means a whole lot to me when I receive comments from each one of you offering your own advice and suggestions on a particular topic I’ve written about, and I appreciate every one of them. 

It feels like just yesterday I was celebrating my 30th follower with you guys, and now here we are at 70 (Ok, ok. 71…) awesome followers from all over that have shown interest in my blog. I hope that we only go up from here! 

Have a wonderful day, and as always, stay gay (: 

-Sara, aka The Dyke


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