Dykey and Her Furbabies

Hi there, LGBTQA folks and animal-lovers. If you’ve read my Introduction page, along with a few of my other posts, you’ll know that I show you guys some pictures of my lovely animals from time to time. According to the photo gallery on my tablet, I have about two-hundred pictures in total of my cats and dog. That’s a pretty big leap from the two or three I’ve shown on here. 

Well, this post is all about them, so get ready for some photos!

As of now, I own two cats and a hyperactive Beagle pup. Gus, Clara, and Shyler, in order of years spent living in the house. 



Clara/Miss Clara/Clara-Baby

Clara/Miss Clara/Clara-Baby



Yes, we really do have three nicknames for each of our pets, and no, Shyler hasn’t earned hers yet. The gray and white bundle of love *heavy use of sarcasm* in the first picture is Gus-Gus. He was the first one to be brought into the house. My older brother, who was living here at the time, adopted him from a woman giving away the rest of the litter in a cardboard box by the road. He was the tiniest little ball of fluff you’ve ever seen, barely taking up the space of a shoebox! The name was originally going to be “Shanks”–my brother’s idea, don’t ask–before my step-dad came up with the name Augustus from one of his favorite cowboy/western movies. Augustus McCray was born, er, kinda. Not long after he grew up, he became an outdoor cat and became much less affectionate and cutesy. Nowadays you’ll get a swipe and a growl if you even try to hold him longer than ten seconds…

Da fuck you lookin' at?

Da fuck you lookin’ at?

Clara, or Miss Clara, was adopted from the local Petsmart. We had originally planned on making the trip to pick up a small orange kitten that was being sold by its owner. While we were waiting, we had gone in the back to check out the other cats waiting to be adopted. A small, white paw stuck out from one of the cages, and a high-pitched “mew” echoed out. The paw belonged to a precious white kitten with bright blue eyes. One look and we were dying to have her. We called up the owner of the orange kitten and canceled the meet up, and took the sweet white kitten home with us. “Miss Clara” was also from, you guessed it, another western movie. I guess you could say that my step-dad named 2/3 of our pets. Clara is also an outdoor cat, but spends lots of time cuddling and purring to her heart’s content. She’s still a precious and fragile one, but she has a meow that sounds like a an autotuned car-horn. Don’t ask me what that means. She can also sleep like a hibernating bear for hours at a time. 

Exhibit A

Exhibit A

Now we get to the newest of the bunch, our spazz of a Beagle pup. Shyler’s been with us for only two years, after we adopted her from a woman that couldn’t take care of her. She’s a Lemon-Beagle, meaning that her coloring is much lighter than a regular Beagle. She’s also part Dachshund, so she has shorter legs and a streamlined body to match. 

There's the beauty-shot!

There’s the beauty-shot!

Surprisingly enough, Shyler is not named after any western movie. Or any movie at all. Her name was the result of me searching through a list of dog names off the internet for two hours. I hope she doesn’t feel too bad for not having much of a back story to her, but she’s as lovable as ever. Her favorite things to do are sleep, play with the cats, wrestle, and ripping the stuffing out of any object that is unfortunate enough to contain stuffing. 


Geez, she has the camera again...

Geez, she has the camera again…

Don’t all of my animals look just so happy to exist? Yeah…

Those are my three furbabies for your viewing pleasure. They’re a big part of my life, so I figured that they deserved to have a post dedicated to them. 

Feel free to brag about your pets in the comments below (: I’d love to hear what four-legged friends are a part of your life. 


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