Lazy Day/”First Day of School” Crafts

Hey butches, dykes, queers, lesbians, and everybody else that I don’t have time to name. Dykey here, to inform you of yet another lazy day here at my house.

Actually, it’s not a completely lazy day because it was pretty hectic this morning with my little sister running around the house at six AM getting ready for her first day of seventh grade. Yup, I graduated three months ago, and I still have to deal with the “school routine” for that munchkin. Now that summer is over for K-12, it’s hard to catch some z’s in bed with her bursting into my room to check out her outfit in my mirror. Apparently my mirror is better than hers? Maybe it shows her that those shoes really don’t go with that shirt.

So in honor of her first day, I decided to make her a little “Welcome Home” sign to put on her door. Now, as I was making said sign, a thought came to me that I could have another category in my blog dedicated to crafts and such. I’m really not much of a crafty person, but I’ve made some pretty damn good-looking things before. I’ve studied art and taken classes for five years, so odds are I would be pretty good at it, right? I mean, I did my finals and graduation project with a painting and passed with flying colors.

Unfortunately, I was nearly finished with the sign by the time I decided that recording the crafting process was a good idea. Thus, no post about making the sign. I suppose I could have gone backwards and taken some photos, but I don’t think it would have gone as smoothly. Here’s the finished product in case any of you wanted to see it:


Pen=Perfect Censorship Tool

Pen=Perfect Censorship Tool

The green and yellow are her school’s main colors, so I had to incorporate those into the sign. The classes in her school are split up into “teams” with mascots representing them. These include the monkeys, the parrots, the jaguars, and the turtles (or something like that). As you can tell by the monkey on the sign, that’s her team: The Green Monkeys.

All the materials that were needed included paints (Green, white, brown, black, yellow), some white paper, a pair of scissors, a roll of scotch tape, and some paintbrushes. As shown here:


Everything was previously purchased by me from the local Walmart. 

Once everything was painted, all I did was tape the two papers together, as well as add a little yellow T-shirt for the monkey, cut out from some leftover paper, and painted it. Ta-Da! An amazing “Welcome Home” sign made by yours truly. 


(I didn’t want to make the monkey green because there was already so much green everywhere else. Plus I thought it would look stupid. It’ll just have to be the Plain Brown Monkeys That Are More Scientifically Accurate).

If I end up crafting again, I’ll most definitely photograph the steps next time so you readers can follow along and maybe even make your own. How awesome would that be? I could call it “Getting Crafty with Dykey” or some shit that doesn’t sound like a Martha Stewart special. 

Alright, that’s all from me. Hope you all have a wonderful day, and stay gay (; 



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