Do I Complain Too Much?/Blog Followers

It seems like every time I blog something and go back to reread it, all I’m thinking is how much I complain. Seriously, it feels like half of my posts are just about things that happened that I wasn’t happy about. I made a blog to talk about my life…but I go back and reread every post, and my blog sounds like a sob-story. We get it already, I’m a lesbian that dresses in a masculine way, and there are people in society that have a bone to pick about that. That seems like the rough draft of my life that I keep writing over and over in different ways. My goal for creating this blog wasn’t to fill it with all the negative feedback I received in the world, and relay it all back to you guys, but that’s what it feels like I’m doing. 

Am I just not posting the right material to make people happy and interested? I mean, come on, according to my stats I have 105 followers…and my most popular posts get about 9-15 likes and 20-25 views daily. I know the case could just be that everyone’s reading my posts without “liking,” but obviously I’m not sparking an interest from more than half of you all. I absolutely love and appreciate the attention my blog recieves–how else would it have gotten over a hundred followers. I don’t want to sound selfish or bratty and start stomping my foot, but…I’d like some more attention. Am I not posting the “interesting stuff”? What am I missing here? I try to relate my life to the rest of the world, as well as my own LGBTQA community, and it doesn’t seem to be doing much of anything. Maybe I’ve been putting different spins on tired subjects that people don’t want to hear anymore.

I’m confused, guys.



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