My Posts Keep Being Deleted?

Thanks for deleting the four hundred words I’d just written for my blog post, WordPress. Then crashing and deleting the post I barely got to start after that!

I was going to tell you guys a funny story about me going to the gym and blowing all the gym-rats out of the water with my mad weight-skills. But nooo, WordPress didn’t want that. Nope, the website just thought “fuck it” and deleted my post right as I was typing it out. I got pissed off, but tried to shrug it off and start typing the story out again. Nope. Let’s make the website crash just as she’s adding a picture to her post, then close out the tab just for the hell of it!

This is the third time this website has crashed on me in the middle of a post, either freezing my entire tablet up to the point that I have to restart the system, or crashing the website before I can hit “Save” on a new post. You guys have missed out on some damn good stories, too…What a shame…

Just for a cherry on top, now the website crashes when I try to make comments, too. Either on my own blog or someone else’s. Ugh…

But if this gets published, which it will because “fuck me” right? Hallelujah. Everybody would rather read this instead of an actual post.

I’m done trying. No more blogging for today, I’ll just be on and off to read everybody else’s posts from the blogs I’m following. No comments from me, though. Yay…

I’m extremely frustrated right now…I’ll just go and grab a slice of the delivery pizza waiting on the counter for me and watch Netflix. Peace.



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