I Am An Idiot

I can’t believe I just did that…I just wanted to clear out some comments that were taking up space in my storage…My dumb ass didn’t check to see if I was clicking “Delete” or “Empty Trash” when I was doing it…

I just deleted every comment that was ever written on my blog, since the very start. Now they’re gone forever; there are no more comments on any of my posts. All of you guys’ thought-out comments, advice, the stories that you shared with me, etc etc. All gone. Because of me…

Goddamn it…My blog looks like a ghost-town, now. Jesus, I fucked up big time. I took ten steps forward and about five hundred steps backwards.

This is why I really shouldn’t be handling electronics at three AM. 275 comments down the drain…


17 responses to “I Am An Idiot

  1. Go into the trash area on your comments page, click the check box on top so that clicks all check boxes, scroll all the way down, click on “Bulk Actions” and then select on “Restore, then it the “Apply Button”. Unless you hit “Delete Permanently” next to each comment, it goes into the “trash” folder, doesn’t delete right away. Hope that helps!


    • I followed your directions, but there doesn’t seem to be any comments being restored. Unfortunately it appears that the bulk action was applied to the entire group of comments and the Empty Trash action deleted them permanently, yesterday, as I thought. In any case, all I can do it start back over from the beginning and build up over the next few weeks and months.


      • Did you go to the forums and ask one of the system engineers if they could somehow restore them? Even servers have caches. It is a long shot, though, of to get your hopes up. But it is worth a try.

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      • How much time and dedication do you have? Unless WordPress fixed this issue, go into any RSS feeder and see if it shows your comments. RSS feeds will still show old posts you may have deleted, but I wonder if they show the comments? Or go to an internet cache website (like archive.org or cachedpages.com) and put in the URLs for individual posts you especially want to retain comments with. Manually put in the person’s name, the email, address, and comment. Should show up with their personal avatar or blog favicon.

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  2. Btw comments don’t take up much space, just a few kilobytes. It’s the media (images, music, videos, documents, etc) you have to worry about. WordPress does not hold the space occupied by comments, posts, and pages against your 3GB limit, unlike most other hosts.


  3. Here’s one to get you on your way again… try not to beat yourself up too much about it. Just smile at the fact that you even had so many comments at all. They will start to build up again and after a few weeks you’ll just be rereading a whole new bunch of awesome words! 🙂

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    • You’re right, alesbianspeaks. I can’t do anything about it, and beating myself up and making myself feel worse won’t solve anything. Deleted comments are much better than, say, accidently deleting all of my blog posts, so it could be worse.
      I’ll just have to sit back and do a bit of waiting like you said. You’re right, at least I did get that many comments, so I have that to be happy about regardless.
      Thanks for taking the time to comment (: You’re awesome


      • Yeah deleting all of your posts would be a lot more disastrous!
        Keep up the wonderful writing and you’ll clock up those comments again very quickly. I can really relate to so much that you say – it’s brilliant 🙂 Congrats on creating such a great blog!

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  4. It isn’t a tragedy. You are a good writer, and prolific. When people find my blog then generally read the most recent post, and if they are interested, a few others of recent vintage. Maybe they go to my About page. Hardly anyone the old posts (over 80) unless they know me personally and feel obliged.
    So, after a few posts, your blog will look “normal” to your average WordPress reader, or random Googler. Relax, and don’t worry about “storage” unless you post videos or high resolution photos. WordPress has a good spam filter and it “self cleans” so you don’t need to empty it.

    You may want to check out “timethief’s” website http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com she has a lot of good advice in her archives (she is one of the volunteers on the forum), which are more helpful than WordPress support.

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