Awards, Awards, Everywhere

Hey everyone–sorry, my introductions are becoming lazy at the moment.

So after a quick look at my About page, it appears that I’ve been nominated for an award, and another, and another…Geez, am I really that popular? Two of those “Very Inspiring Blogger” doohickies, a Liebster, and now a “One Lovely Blog” award. Sheesh, I can’t keep up with you guys.ย 

I am extremely honored, by the way, in case it didn’t sound like it. I’m really glad that people are finding my blog worthy of awards, let alone multiple ones…

I just really have not had the time to “do” these award thingies, and I don’t usually like having to fill out things, buuuut I will try and squeeze some time in to do the whole shabang for each of these awards. It might be posted either later tonight or tomorrow, so be on the look out. You never know who could be nominated *insert spazzy wink*

Thanks again, you lovely nominators, for finding my blog worthwhile.ย 

As always,



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