Where Is My Autumn?!

The weather update on my TV announced that it is approximately 92 degrees outside. Now, that’s bad in itself, but it’s made worse with the 68% humidity that came along with it. I had to take the trash out just a minute ago and I thought my shoes were going to melt into the wood of our deck. Dramatic? Probably, but I freaking hate this hot weather. I hate hot weather in general. I don’t have a problem with sweating and being a little uncomfortable, but when I’m walking around the house in a sports bra and boxers and it still feels like I’m wearing a wool coat, then we have a problem.


I was born in June, so it’s ironic that as a summer baby, I despise summer. I’d be much happier with the temperature reading a solid, hmm, fifty degrees and I can be wearing a cozy sweatshirt and drinking coffee in my toasty-warm house. In the summer around here, you’re lucky to find an open spot in the local swimming pool or a water park that isn’t charging through-the-roof prices for a day’s worth of lukewarm water spraying on you.


My girlfriend and I have had this argument before. She hates the cold, but loves summertime and sunshine, whereas I’d be the one laying on the floor naked with a oscillating fan next to me. She knows that I’d rather be wrapped up with her in a thick blanket in front of the television. I will still go swimming with her and spend time kicking a ball around outside, but she also knows that I still have a limit to my summertime social life.


Exhibit A

North Carolina has some pretty bipolar weather, where one day it will be reaching almost one hundred degrees, that afternoon it could change to forty degrees with a light breeze, and the next day it’s sixty degrees and pouring rain. The locals have adapted to these occurrences, and you’ll usually see a good handful of them storing a coat, a change of shoes, and an umbrella in the back seats of their cars. It seems that I have yet to master this, because I’m still that dork running to her car from the grocery store, using her frozen pizza box as an umbrella, while everyone around me simply pulls a raincoat out of their ass and continues on their way.

Anyway, this summer has gotten on my nerves. It’s much too hot, the seats in our cars burn the back of my legs when I want to drive out for some entertainment, and I don’t like looking like a damp, angry cat after working out in my air-conditioned livingroom…I really cannot wait for it to be October. The fall is my favorite season, when the leaves change and leave (Hehe) piles all around my backyard. Of course, I have to rake them all up, but it’s pretty while it lasts. I can finally break out all of my cold-weather clothes and I will no longer have to worry about looking like a sweaty hitchhiker when I’m walking around town.

Shia Labeouf is my spirit animal

Shia Labeouf is my spirit animal

Here’s to summer: I hope you’re packing up and ready to leave!



4 responses to “Where Is My Autumn?!

  1. it’s just barely 20 degrees here , friggin cold, I too was born in June, but I love the summer and despise the winters, winters here are 7 months long and average around minus 45 to minus 50 , hard to get around when all the roads have about a foot of ice on them and too cold to be out doors for any great length of time.


    • Having lived in Vermont for quite awhile, I know how those negative degrees feel. Down here in NC, our last winter was around 18 or 19 degrees, like yours, so I know not a lot of people are looking forward to what is to come this year like I am. Everything around our town and nearby goes on shutdown mode when one snowflake falls, so it’s difficult to go out and do anything of interest when everyone is bundled up inside their houses like there’s a blizzard happening outside. Summers can be nice, and I find ways to enjoy the good weather–however short it may be around here, but I’d still choose being cold, or at least not so damn hot.


    • Hehe well, I’ve never been, but if it’s anywhere as bad–or worse–than NC, I sure don’t plan on vacationing there! I’ll have to pack another wardrobe in the back of my car.


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