Friday’s Sleepover Shenanigans

Hey butches, dykes, lesbians, gays, and evvvvverybody else! Hope your Saturday is going well–unless you’re living in a place where Saturday is already almost over. In that case, hope you had fun. If your Saturday hasn’t started yet, well, mine was good! So good luck!

I am currently sitting on my plush comfy-couch in the living room, slowly but surely regretting the Drumstick ice-cream cone I inhaled five minutes ago. I’m waiting on my background check to come through from my job at Subway, which is why I have yet to make a post about my “new job” and all that jazz. The manager informed me that my first day was going to include a drug test, as well. Whoopee! Can’t wait for that -_- Not that I’m doing drugs or anything, it’s just not easy to get excited about pissing in a Dixie cup and handing it off to your new manager on your first day…

My younger sister had a sleepover this past Friday with a friend from school, which was just fantastic. By “fantastic” I obviously mean my ears were bleeding after five hours of their squealing and little-girl laughter. All. Night. Long. You couldn’t block that shit out with a running chainsaw if you tried. Luckily for me, I had the joyful task of babysitting the party princesses while the parent figure went out for an hour. It was all a blur of squealing, arguing over Easy Bake Oven recipes, and a nonsensical fashion show outside on our deck. I think I’m blind in one eye and my hair is falling out…

Everything settled down when my mom brought home a DVD of “Divergent,” that YA book that everyone went crazy over at one point or another. I’ve never read the books, so I had no expectations going into this. Sis and her friend were stage-whispering about how they both would “totally make it into the Dauntless faction” and went on about how hot the pouty-lipped main guy character was… Yeah. I got a migraine during the first twenty minutes of watching, but that probably wasn’t the movie’s fault. Shailenne Woodley’s acting skills must have caused it. I started laughing when she had her *spoiler* “big, emotional scene” with her mom near the end. Am I a bad person? Probably, and what was with the Tris-Four “romance”? Awkward. I give the film a 4.5 out of 10, sue me.

Her friend went home this morning, and I am enjoying the peace. Hopefully no more sleepovers will happen for a couple of months. I need to prepare myself, and my poor ears.

Anywho, just wanted to check in and let everybody know what was going on. Hey, maybe I’ll write a review for that “Divergent” movie. Oh yeah, you guys would love that. Or you could just watch the movie and judge for yourself.

As always,



6 responses to “Friday’s Sleepover Shenanigans

    • I see you’re succumbing to the power of persuasion already. Muahahaha!
      I’ve never written out a review for anything before, so hell, it might be fun. It’ll be amateurish, but I’ll see what I can string together (:

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  1. Just don’t eat anything with poppy seeds and you’ll be fine. Also, if you want to freak him out, have a B vitamin. It’ll turn your pee neon yellow. I *cough* forgot to warn Emma of this and freaked her out. I got a frantic call a couple of hours later. “Mom… I used the bathroom…”

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