It’s Been a Long Day…

I woke up at six AM from a nightmare and fell out of bed. That was the start of my day…

I have been all over, from town to town, following one order after another from the manager of Subway to get this damn job. I went to the DMV today so I can have a suitable photo-ID for my job. The woman handling IDs tells me that it won’t come in the mail for at least the next week. I went home, called up Subway, and explained this to the manager, and she told me to come in and speak with her so she can hand me the paperwork for my drug test. All good and well, right?

I go in. No paperwork. Instead, she sets a sticky-note down on the table in front of me, explaining that I was to go to the clinic in the next town over and get the drug test taken care of there. My mom is already waiting impatiently in the car, after already burning through sixty dollars worth of gas just to go from the DMV to Subway. I shrug and say “okay,” asking if I needed to bring any information with me to the clinic. The manager says that she took care of it, and that I just had to walk in and tell the secretary who sent me and for what. Alright, not a big deal, I think to myself. Less for me to worry about. 

We take the trip over to the clinic, where the place just looks completely abandoned. The doors are locked all except for one, and we go inside and hand the secretary the sticky-note. “My manager sent me here to get a drug test for my job,” I say, already exhausted from the six hours I’ve been running around taking care of things. “She said that everything else was taken care of.”

“Okay, can you fill this out for me?” The woman hands me a clipboard. Before I can even pick up the pen, she asks me for an ID. Confused, I tell her that the manager told me that I didn’t need to bring an ID.

*I know that an ID is necessary when dealing with something medical. Shit, IDs are necessary everywhere. I, however, didn’t take the time to think about this and realize that I had no reason to even be at the clinic; the photo ID I applied for wouldn’t be ready for a week.*

My mom throws her hands up at this point and stomps out the door, walking back out to the car. I’m still standing there with the secretary staring at me, waiting for me to say something. 

“I’m really sorry,” I say, my voice cracking under the day’s worth of stress. “The woman told me that I didn’t need anything. I have a paper with my ID information back home, but it has no picture on it.”

“I can’t take a patient without an ID, honey,” the secretary says sympathetically. “I have no idea why that woman told you that an ID wasn’t necessary.”

I thank her for her time, hobble back to the car, and begin the long drive back home. My mom is boiling mad at this point, and I couldn’t agree with her more. We get back home after nearly three hours of driving across half of the freaking state, and I call up the manager of Subway to inform her of the situation. I apologize and tell her that I really want the job, but I’m not going to have the necessary forms done within the 24hr period she gave me.

“Well, just come in when you have the papers done, ok?” She spoke into the phone in a hurried tone. I couldn’t blame her, the restaurant had been packed when I’d shown up for the “drug test paperwork” earlier that day. We said our goodbyes, and I hung up with a sinking feeling in my heart.

So…I don’t even know if I have a job or not. The manager seems, rightfully, frustrated with me, even though she practically sent me out on a wild-goose chase for all this information that I can’t deliver to her. I guess I’ll find out next week when I get my ID, have the drug test done, and hand the results over to the manager. Ugh…I’m so exhausted at this point. I caught a migraine about an hour ago, took a Tylonel, and am currently splayed out on the living room couch like a fileted fish. I don’t even want to move; using my fingers to type out this post is painful enough.

I haven’t even started making money yet and all this effort seems more tedious than what it’s worth. I know that the first job is never easy to snag, but at this point, it feels like the universe is doing everything is can to screw things up. Just out of worry, I’ve already began searching for other jobs in the local area. Just in case I wear this woman’s patience too thin and the Subway job is plucked from my hands and placed in more capable ones.

I’m exhausted. It’s been a long-ass day.


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