Sunday and a Sandwich/50th Blog Post

Ah, Sunday afternoon. Nothing like kicking back in an easy-chair and watching television all day, drinking a beverage and having the overhead fan spinning at just the right speed. Or maybe you were outside mowing your lawn and sweating in the late summer/early autumn weather. Who knows.

I spent my morning watching Return to Me with my parents. I don’t usually like the sappy love-story inspired films, but this one really caught my attention. Ten out of ten, really enjoyed it. While the credits rolled, I attempted to wrangle my dog into the bathtub because she’s been running outside so much that she’s beginning to smell like a mix between dirt, freshly mowed grass, and garbage cans. Well, that did not go as planned whatsoever. Instead, she curled up in the corner of the bathroom and cried like a torture victim and wouldn’t budge, all before she even made it into the bathtub. Thus, said bath did not happen. She’s now lounging on one of the couches in the living room, rubbing her dirt/grass/garbage scent all over the upholstery.

Since it’s now noon over here, I made myself a sandwich for lunch (which I only took three pictures of, because I’m me), and plan to enjoy it while I relax on the dog-free couch and find something good to watch on TV. I’ve been going over ideas for future posts, since I know you guys must be getting tired of your Reader widget filling up with entries about my lunch and what I do when there’s nothing to do. I’m thinking of writing more poetry, as well as more posts about LGBT-life and all that jazz. I just haven’t come to a point if what said topics would entail. We’ll see.

Oh yeah, here’s another picture the sandwich, in case I peaked your interest:




Yesss…Admire the filtering! What can I say, my kitchen doesn’t have good lighting.



According to my notifications, I’ve just reached my 50th blog post! And I used it to write about a sandwich and my Sunday plans… Yup, that sums me up pretty well.

But yay! 50 blog posts!!! (In only three months… Shit…) Mandatory celebration pictures!!



I hope that everyone is enjoying their day, and if you’re not, I hope it gets better (:

Have a wonderful day, and stay gay!



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