Every breath hurts

Chest burning hot

Like a lit match under her lungs

Footsteps like lead blocks

Shuffling with the sound of sandpaper

Wheezing out prickly air

Huffing and puffing

Like an old man with a pipe

She stumbles on her path

Knees buckling

The earth meets her palms

She trembles on the ground

Beads of sweat fall from her face

The air around her thickens

Refusing to let her inhale

Pebbles scrape her skin

Too tired to feel the pain

Crawling through the dirt

She coughs and sputters

Like a rusty automobile

Her elbows can no longer support her

Weight crashing down

A pile of skin and bones

Hot tears trail down her cheeks

She barely manages to roll over

Her eyes upturned toward the sky

Heartbeats comes to a slow rhythm

Knocking at her ribs like a weary traveler

Fingers shaking as they clutch the air

Begging the clouds to come closer

And quench her desperate thirst

Like the withered branches of a tree

Her head pounds

Temples throbbing with her heartbeat

Strands of hair blur her vision

She can’t even lift up an arm

To brush them away

The feeling of bricks piling

Weighing down her chest

She gasps in less oxygen than she lets out

Her limbs lay useless at her sides

Splayed out like the cuts of a butcher’s meat

Nerves and muscles twitching helplessly

Under her skin

But the feeling is lost on her

Her head falls slowly to the side

Hot air wheezing from her mouth and nose

Dirt packed against the back of her clothes

Laying uselessly on the ground

Waiting for her strength to return

For now she is exhausted


3 responses to “Exhausted

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    • I’m not sure why you’re posting on here…I’m sorry, I don’t have experience in bodybuilding. You might want to see a doctor or a professional if you want the best opinion. Best of luck!
      (I’m keeping your comment approved, because it amused me a little. Try to keep your comments focused on the post you’re commenting on!)


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