Back from My Blogging Break

Hey butches, dykes, lesbians, gays, and you other fantastic folks! It’s yours truly, back from my week-long break. Honestly, I couldn’t think of a single topic to blog about; Either nothing seemed interesting or I was hung up on keeping my focus on work and all that good stuff. Alas, there has been a lot going on and blogging just had to wait.

However, I’m now back for tonight to fill everybody in. So, I have been filling out more paperwork for my Subway job. This consisted of turning in my drug test results (thank fuck that that was over with), going in to sign a few more papers and agreements. I’ll be honest, I did feel a tad smug filling out the paperwork. I was all grown up. Yay.

That covered Monday through Friday. Seriously, almost an entire week of paperwork and phone calls back to back. I spent Friday night through Sunday night video chatting and messaging my girlfriend, which made the whole week worth it. On weekdays I only get from four PM to midnight to talk to her, because she has classes and formations to deal with. Weekends are our special time to just talk, talk, and talk some more. I seriously cannot get enough of talking to this amazing woman. She makes me so proud.

Speaking of my girlfriend, we’ve also been going over her leave schedule and making plans for when she’ll be coming home to spend holidays, etc. I’m extremely excited because it has been way too long since I’ve seen her.

My boss called me this afternoon and informed me that my first day of work will be this coming Thursday, which is great! I’ll finally be making my own money and be able to afford things on my own time. Woo! This means you guys might also get a glimpse of this dyke in work attire…Oh boy.

Let’s see…I’m trying to put together a schedule of topics to write about. Maybe this way I won’t feel pressured to suddenly have to come up with a post off the top of my head when it’s been too long. Of course, I suck at scheduling anything, so this whole idea might be a bust. Guess we’ll find out together!

I guess that’s all for now. I’ll be writing another post either later tonight or tomorrow when I get the chance, so look out for that. I’ve also taken notice of the fact that I am up to 174 followers! Awesome! Thank you, everybody (:

Alrighty, I’ll catch you guys later. Have a wonderful day, and stay gay!



10 responses to “Back from My Blogging Break

  1. I always have a bunch of drafts ready to go; some of them are crap and I never return to them; some of them have some good ideas and I turn them into new drafts; and sometimes I just write whatever I feel like, starting on a whole new draft. But writing down whatever crappy idea I have in a draft and coming back to it later is a good way of assessing whether or not it’s worth pursuing, and at the same time getting over the inertia of writing on a topic.

    Welcome back! 🙂

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    • Thanks! It’s good to be back (:
      I know what you mean; I checked my Draft widget and realized that I had several various ideas half-written down. I scanned a few to see if any of them were worth keeping and trashed the rest. Making drafts feel like I’m at least getting those ideas out instead of keeping them locked away until I write a shitty post about it without thinking through. Looks like we’re on the same page.

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