Everybody Just Wants to Be Noticed (And Nobody Is Good at It)

It doesn’t matter if it was on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or even a blog here on WordPress. Every day I go online and the world is abuzz with chatter and post after post. It wouldn’t be too bad if said post after post were containing useful information and some attention-grabbing topics, but no. Now it appears that everything I see online is trying to get a one-way ticket to the Top 10. The big bucks, the cream of the crop, the good life. Whatever you want to call it, everyone is doing it, and they’re all using the same routine.

You’ve seen them around, I’m sure. The ones that always make their rounds on websites and flaunt themselves to every vulnerable and unsuspecting victim. “Hey there! You don’t know me, but how about checking out my blog/website/status/post and give it a Like. Then we’ll totally be best friends and you can get me to the top of the pile!” I’m no hypocrite; even if I don’t recall it, I must have used this technique at some point in my online life.

Being a blogger, I’m used to all the hype around Likes, comments, and followers. I used to be concerned when I wasn’t recieving the attention I wanted. I still didn’t resort to buzzing around asking for it. I wanted to earn what I recieved. When I log into WordPress to write a new post, my goal is to get 10 Likes on it. That’s my huge goal. If I get more, fantastic, and if I get less, at least I didn’t set my goals sky-high so it’s not a big disappointment. 10 Likes, 10 Views, no comments. I’m serious, I don’t even go in anticipating comments. It’s worked out for me; more than a thousand views to date and more than one hundred likes in total. More than a hundred comments. Goals, people.

I always hear the words, “You have to connect with your audience. Write about topics that they can relate to.” However, many have taken this sprig of advice and twisted it into an entirely different statement, “Find the topic that has been thoroughly beaten like a dead horse and write the same monotone opinion about it. Then complain that you aren’t getting any recognition.”

I play videogames, so more often than not, I’m on YouTube watching gameplays of games that I’m hoping to get. Just to see if I like the gist of the game. If you scroll down into the comments of any video gaming channel on YouTube, you’ll see line after line of amateur gamers asking people to come to their channel and check out their gameplays. In the exact same way, showing the exact same games, in the exact same format. Sometimes they’ll try to advertise with a sob story and provide a half-assed website link. “Ohmigod, guys, could you check out my gaming channel? I cover tons of cool games and I’m a funny person. I’m hoping to make a career of this, so please Like and Subscribe!!!”

I won’t bash videogames alone. Cooking channels, comedy channels, blogging and vlogging, etc. Someone is doing something fun, and you want a piece of the pie. Are we even trying to earn our followers anymore? It feels like people are just stealing from the same bowl of categories and topics, and expecting themselves to be the one that makes it to the top. I see it plenty of times here on WordPress, when you could type in a mediocre topic and BOOM, seven hundred blog posts written about it. Any good ones? Yeah, there are. Amongst the hundred boring ones. “I like this!” “Oh, I like it, too! I’ll write about it, now.” “I don’t like it, but I won’t give any interesting reasons why.” “How come no one likes my opinion on it? I wrote eight-hundred words about how ‘Ebola’ rhymes with ‘Coca Cola’.”

You’ll turn on your phone/laptop/computer/tablet and go on the same sites, read the same stolen and copied material, and Like it because, well, you Liked it the other time it was posted, too. So why not. Everybody is mediocre nowadays. No one is trying, and even if they think they are, they’re still only trying in the same way that a hundred other people already have. Every angle is taken, but we’re all still trying to get noticed. How’s it working out for you? Did you finally get those 10,000 subscribers you have been begging for? Did your picture of the cat on the “invisible bicycle” that everybody who has an internet connection has seen reach 400 Likes? Did anyone even care that you were apparently going to shave your head if you get enough re-shares?

Everyone has seen everything. We’re all fucking bored, but we’ll forever keep swimming in the same community pool because no one’s built a better one.


8 responses to “Everybody Just Wants to Be Noticed (And Nobody Is Good at It)

  1. Nobody’s special! That’s the whole point! Everyday I scour the internet for writing tips, and invariably find “buy my shitty e-book! it’ll make you a better writer!” NO! It’ll make you two dollars and you can continue to delude yourself. Kickstarters, patreons, gofundmes…we’ve raised slacking and mooching to an obscene, parodic level.

    When I first started this blog, I wrote about things that happened to me and things I was passionate about; eventually it got to the point where I had to choose: A. continue to post about the same topics, day in and day out, recycling the same ideas and beating people over the head with them, or B. write what the hell I wanna write (fiction!).
    (sorry for writing a book in your comments) 🙂

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    • Exactly! For every fifty people whining about getting attention, there’s one person offering a “solution” for it. Even offering these “solutions” has become another overused topic! Geez!
      The same goes for my blog, when I want to write about a topic that maybe other people have written, I make sure I relate it to me as much as possible and provide information that I deem necessary and interesting. I don’t want to be “that blogger” who covers every topic just because they can. That’s why my blog is a mess of poetry, life experiences, and a handful of nonsense. It’s the recipe that works for me. Hehe, whoops, I wrote a book, too! 😀

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  2. Yep, I’m right there with you. Using “writing” as an example, if someone wants to succeed, then they have to learn their craft, which involves lots of time and lots of effort. Most folks seem to want to skip that step. There are good editors out there who can make you better, but they generally have a backlog of serious clients and are not “trolling” for business. And, of course, better than freelance editors are writing groups that meet from online interaction every day, but they also WRITE. Which means you have to get offline occasionally. You just have to cut through the BS and find real people who you enjoy interacting with. But it is work.

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    • It’s becoming more common than not for people to try and reach a point without taking the baby steps along the way. You’re right about that. Everything these days is promoting easy, easy, easy, without using thinking or effort. This leads to people jumping on the bandwagon and trying their own spin on the easy life.
      I couldn’t agree more with your comment. Thanks for adding your thoughts to the post!

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  3. This was a great post, but I try and not be too cynical about it. The way information can be accessed nowadays, it is nearly impossible to be unique but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. I do understand your frustration with the mediocrity of it all, but within every good thing is a million bad things ya know?


    • I’m a cynical person in general, so that:s where that comes in. You’re right, it is very difficukt to be unique nowadays. That’s one of the things I complained about; one of the points I made was that nobody is unique anymore because we’ve already seen it all. People will continue to try, I know, and I don’t have a problem with people trying. I wrote this post because I know they’ll keep trying. This is my two cents on it.


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