The Girl and Her Colored Silk Flags

Silk glides through the air

The fabric cascading over itself

Graceful as a ballerina’s grand jete

It falls back light as air

Hands twist at sharpened angles

Gripping the wood of the pole

Sending it spinning out of reach

With one snap of her wrist

Her eyes go skyward

As she awaits the return

The flag soars into the air

A silken whirligig

Colors blur from the speed

Casting a rainbow in the sun

Gravity takes over

Her hands reattach to the pole

They are like one being

Knowing the wind

The arch of her back

And the angles to turn

To send the flag flying again

Pirouetting and propelling

She twists her body

Conforming to the launch

Stretching the sinews of her arms

Muscles lending their strength

As she catches the flag from the sky

And starts the spinning once more

Like a dancer in her element

Long locks swaying ’round

Imitating the flow of the silk flag

They move as if they are one

Though they go

In separate directions

She knows that the flag

Will come down

Back into the hands

That know it so well


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