It’s October 25 and I Haven’t Done Shit

Nothing! Nada! No October-esque fun all month! What is wrong with me? Everyone on Facebook and Instagram are posting the same generic pictures of pumpkin-picking and shopping for Halloween costumes. I don’t even have any generic pictures. The month is flying by and I’m sitting on my couch watching “Good Will Hunting” and drinking lemonade. What did I do before that? I made brownies and cleaned up the house. Is any of this reading “Halloween” to you? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

I looked out my window at our deck and noticed a large pumpkin sitting on the table. On October 25th. Our first pumpkin of the month. It isn’t even carved, by the way. Nope, it’s a whole pumpkin just sitting on the table outside. If it had a face I’m sure it would be frowning.

I’ve wasted my precious October. I’m not even sure how, because the last time I looked at the calendar, it read October 10th. What has happened here? I’m stuck here wasting away the last week of the month as everyone else goes to expensive haunted houses and shopping trips where their kids whine about mom not buying caramel apples this year.

My whole neighborhood doesn’t even celebrate Halloween. No fun, spooky decorations adorning the front doors and driveways. Nothing. When the kids want to gotrick-r-treating, the parents pack them up in the car and drive over to the other neighborhoods in the area. How’s that for holiday spirit? Ah, yes, it will be a Halloween to remember, I’m sure.

I hope the rest of you guys have done something Halloween-worthy. Sipped some apple cider, went to a pumpkin patch. I’ll try again next year. At least all I’m required to do for Thanksgiving is show up.

10 responses to “It’s October 25 and I Haven’t Done Shit

  1. The picture in your post (Abington Square Park) is one block from where I live! I’ve never put a pumpkin in their “patch” but I go by on the night they do it to look. You can see a tiny part of my apartment building in the picture (a bright window at the very top of the picture, about 1/3 of the way in from the left).

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  2. I finally put up our decorations and Jeremy and I will be going to a vegetarian/vegan group on Hallowe’en. No idea what zie’s going to wear though. Zie wanted to go as the 11th Doctor but couldn’t find the suit jacket (or bow tie or fez or suspenders for that matter). I’m just going as myself but weirder (same costume as I wore last year).

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  3. I got super into Halloween earlier and bought my son a million different costumes (so he also has some for dress up play), but then got out of the mood and JUST today put up the decorations, of which half are missing =[


    • The youngest kid still at home doesn’t even want to dress up this year. Blossoming teenage years :/
      It’s too late for anyone over here to shop for Halloween; Walmart had Christmas decorations going up last week!
      Hope the Halloween spirit gets back to you!

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    • The stores feel plenty of pressure, too. You miss one holiday, the store will already have decorations for the next two already up.
      I’ve never considered Halloween being a holiday of pressured commercialism, but maybe it’s because it’s one holiday I actually like and I’m being dazzled by the haunted houses and Party City commercials đŸ˜›

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