It’s Been Six Months and Look What the Cat Dragged In


Hello, beautiful people. Wow…it is really strange coming back on here after being gone for such a long time. Back when I couldn’t stand not blogging for a day, now here I am six months later. Whew. I noticed that they must have changed the ol’ WordPress design again. Or maybe I’m just on the mobile version—that they changed, too.

Anyway, I missed you all, and WordPress, so much. I wish I could have been blogging those past months but there was just too much happening and not enough time to put it all on paper–err, screen?

Back in October 2014 I quit my job at Subway. I fibally stood up for myself and said that I couldn’t keep the job if they were planning on sticking me with 9-hour weeks and $90 paychecks. My mom got in touch with a friend of hers, who manages the deli in the Food Lion nearby. An interview later, I am an employee and I couldn’t be happier. 30-hour weeks and $500 paychecks, baby!

My relationship with my girlfriend has continued to flourish, and the relationship with my mother is on steady ground for the time being. I have also spent these six months reinventing myself, updating my look and keeping everyone guessing. My specialty.

I really, really hope to get back into blogging soon. My good friend Michelle from her blog, “Secretly Fabulous” emailed me earlier to check up on me. I told her that I would do my best to jump back in headfirst and take up the reins of “Year of the Dyke” once again.

So, for the time being, however short, I am back.

The dyke has returned! Cue the confetti cannons!

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