Late Night Thoughts: April 22nd, 2015

Here’s a collection of thoughts I gathered throughout the night, taken from my journal extries, random thoughts I had scribbled down to get out of my head, and a few tatters of poetry lines.

It took me so, so long to realize that maybe, just maybe I deserve happiness. Don’t let me screw this up.

You said I was an angel, but my halo is held up by horns. You’re simply a rose blossom disguising as the thorns.

My hearts beats so fast for you, love. If only I had run that fast that first night you truly needed me, and I couldn’t get to you.

I wish I could serve a life sentence in prison for ruining relationships. Without parole. 

I convinced myself early-on that you would hurt me someday. I thought I could fight it by hurting myself first. Until I realized that you were perfect for me, and now you’re wasting time trying to fix a soul that broke itself in defense.

I feel like I’m cheating at life experiences at this point. I’m in such a cocoon at my house. Why am I starting to like it?

She wanted a knight in shining armor, but I was so afraid that she would be disappointed in my rusted gear, I decided to wear none at all. Turns out she would have appreciated the effort.

I was a tsunami and all my friends just wanted to have a quiet day on the sand. 

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