Life Updates From The Dyke!

Hello, humble reader. My, it sure has been quite a while since our last meeting…

SIKE! What is UP, WordPress? Man, where have I been?! My life has been a rollercoaster of business, and I just haven’t had enough time to set aside for writing.

(By the way, I hope that I don’t look like too much of a douche in the cover photo…I blame the haircut)

So let’s jump right into it. My nineteeth birthday was this past week, the 1st. I can’t say that I feel too much different…I might have gotten taller. I still have this damn babyface, though. I guess I’ll shoot for twenty.


Me, Age 18

Me, Age 18

Me, Age 19...Douchey

Me, Age 19…Douchey

Work has kept me crazy busy! I haven’t even had time to send the occasional email to a buddy of mine, let alone send “Thank You” emails to my siblings on my very special day. Hell, I still have to clean my room. But not because of work…I just…haven’t cleaned it.

Anyway, I’m keeping in contact with my girlfriend, who is cute as ever, and just got her hair cut…Whew, fine as hell. *Clicks tongue and shoots finger guns*

Her 21st birthday is next month, so HEL-LO gift-buying pressure! It’s going to be strange having a girlfriend that can drink alcohol while I still can’t. Eh, you can’t win ’em all.

Circling back around to the topic of work, I was brought into a meeting the other day, under the impression that my managers had big news to tell me. Of course, I was convinced that I was getting fired. For what reason? I don’t know. That’s anxiety for you. However, they told me that they wanted to give me a second shift at work! Meaning that I would be working in the deli, still getting my paycheck from there…But on other days, I’ll also be working as a stocker, filling the shelves of the store, organizing, all that jazz. Plus, I’d be receiving a paycheck for that as well! How awesome is that? Two paychecks, two work shifts. It’ll give me a nice break from the same-old same-old of the deli every day. My managers told me that they were only offering it to me because I was the only employee they had seen that showed such efficiency and drive, and they knew I could handle it and make the store proud. Bonus points!

All in all, I’ve had a very good month thus far. I don’t want to lie and say that I’m going to be blogging tomorrow or anything like that…but I think this is a good rhythm for us, right? I blog every couple of weeks or twice a month, you can keep up pretty easily. Win-win.

Ok, I think that’s all I have to say. Until next time, friends, followers, and fellow bloggers! Have a wonderful day, smile a lot, and be gay. All the way.


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